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4 Common Complaints from Biz Card Recipients

Last week we talked about making sure your business card is working for you (read the post here).   People gripe to me all the time about what they have seen in the market place. These are the people who are collecting cards all the time, so maybe without even realizing it, they have become experts on what is a good business card, and what is not. So allow me to let you in on these tidbits so you are never on the receiving end of the complaints. White Space – Make sure there is some blank white space somewhere on the card. Often people like to jot a note about meeting you or why they want to follow up

Is Your Business Card Failing You?

I think we can all agree that as a small business, we MUST have business cards to hand out in the whirlwind of a networking events we attend, or during a serendipitous encounter with a prospect in the airport or even for your proud momma to hand out to her friends. What isn’t quite so obvious is how significant a role the tiny, yet mighty, business card actually has in your business. The business card is the most fundamental of communication tools you have for your business.   Imagine if you will, this common situation: you meet someone with whom you agree to exchange business cards with the potential of some future interaction. In the first few seconds after you’ve handed your card

The Legend of Pete the Lone Orange

Pete was just a typical orange. He spent his days hanging from a branch, soaking up the sunshine that drenched the orange grove he called home. He looked like all the other oranges that grew among the leaves, destined to someday end up as one among many in a produce aisle or lumped together with others in a juice squeezer. He didn’t realize for him, it could be different… One day Pete was picked from his tree and tossed into a crate filled with other oranges, all identical to him…all except one. In the corner of the crate sat one lone orange, his skin wrinkled and bumpy, and wearing a blue mask. Intrigued, Pete rolled over to this mysterious fellow.

3 Tips to Choosing the Right Designer for You

Choosing a graphic designer can feel like a daunting task. After all, you want to make sure you choose someone who can give you quality work at a reasonable rate, right? Below are just a few things to think about when selecting your designer. 1) Do You Like Their Past Work? It might be tempting to hire the first (or the cheapest) graphic designer who comes along just to get moving on your project. Though graphic design has a functional purpose for marketing and branding a business, it is still an art form and will vary stylistically from designer to designer. Before selecting the designer you want to hire, be sure to view samples of their previous work. If you

What I Learned from Superheroes About VBI

Do you remember watching your favorite superheroes as a kid (or maybe as an adult)? Did you ever wish you could have the superpowers they had? I remember dressing up in my Wonder Woman Underoos, putting on my mom’s “magic bracelets” and spinning and spinning in the kitchen trying to emulate the Amazonian super-heroine until I’d get so dizzy, that I’d end up on the floor. Then in the early ’80s, I was enamored by the goofy but endearing Ralph Hinkley, who unwittingly became the “Greatest American Hero” (cue theme song… “Believe it or not, I’m walking on air…”) The mission to save the world was imposed upon Ralph, along with a suit that endowed him with superhuman powers. But

What EVERY Company needs to have good VBI

When people become aware of the enormous impact of Visual Business Identity (VBI) on their bottom line, they anxiously ask where to begin. It’s overwhelming to think about all the things that people see that represent your business. So the best way to start is to think from the bottom up. I’ve provided an illustration of the VBI Pyramid with examples of what each section includes, but this is by no means an exhaustive list of VBI components. Each company is unique and therefore the VBI components you’ll need are unique. Here are just a few: The foundation of any company’s Visual Business Identity is the logo. The key of a good logo, and what many businesses overlook, is that it

It’s OK to ask what your VBI can DO for you!

In the last post I talked about the importance of dressing your company properly with a well thought out Visual Business Identity (VBI). Now lets find out what your VBI can DO for your company! Here’s what good VBI CAN do Attract and Connect with the right people -You’ll find you attract quality customers, people who appreciate what you communicate through your VBI and are drawn to that message. We all generally prefer to work with people like us, if your VBI truly reflects your company, prospects like you will come knocking on your door. Set expectations of what it may be like to work with you – If your VBI communicates quality, professionalism and attention to detail, that’s what they’ll expect

Do you have somewhere to go, but not dressed up?

Imagine you’ve been invited to dinner with one of your heroes. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Can’t wait, right? The night arrives and you throw on your best sweatpants, you know, the comfy ones with the holes in it and your favorite sweat-stained t-shirt from high school and head out the door, ready for the big night! Screeeecchhhh. Wait a minute, you’re wearing what… to meet whom?!? I’d like to think that it’s highly unlikely that you’d allow the above scenario to occur. I doubt that your appearance would communicate your desired message to your hero. Rather, you’d more likely find you best outfit, perhaps even buy a special one, make sure it’s clean and pressed and take great care in preparing for