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SBA Home-Based Business of the Year 2013

Lone Orange Marketing Design Honored as Home-Based Business of the Year by Small Business Administration

Tiffany Hoeckelman, Founder of Lone Orange receiving the 2013 Home-Based Business of the Year Award. With Dennis Melton, SBA Director, Matthew Hoeckelman and Chris McCoy, Small Business Week Chair.

Tiffany Hoeckelman, Founder of Lone Orange receiving the 2013 Home-Based Business of the Year Award. With Dennis Melton, SBA Director, Matthew Hoeckelman and Chris McCoy, Small Business Week Chair.

Union, Missouri –  April 16, 2013 – Starting a business always requires a leap of faith – will the business be a success? Will the market appreciate what you’re offering? For Tiffany Hoeckelman, founder of Lone Orange Marketing Design, those fears have been put to rest. She is being honored by the United States Small Business Administration as the 2013 Home-Based Small Business of the Year award for the St. Louis district.

Each year, the SBA chooses businesses from around the country that have made a positive contribution to the local economy and community. Judges look for businesses that have shown growth, staying power, innovation, response to adversity, and community involvement. For Tiffany, the award is particularly satisfying because it is based not just on the success of the nominee’s business, but on the significance of the impact that person has had on the well-being of the local small-business market.

Home-based businesses are a significant and rapidly growing segment of the American economy. It’s estimated that there are currently more than 35 million home-based businesses in the US, with women-owned businesses representing nearly half that number. And in contrast to the nearly 70% three-year failure rate experienced by typical small businesses, home-based businesses have a survival rate of 70% after three years. The SBA award recognizes the vital importance of home-based businesses like Lone Orange in rebuilding the American economy.

Lone Orange was founded with a mission to eradicate poor design from the world of small businesses. After years working in and with small businesses in administrative, managerial, and executive roles, Tiffany decided to create Lone Orange Marketing Design to make excellent design accessible to entrepreneurs.

From the start, education and accessibility have been cornerstones of the Lone Orange mission. Too many small business owners feel like they have to rely on brochures, business cards and marketing collateral cobbled together without the benefit of professional expertise. A company’s Visual Business Identity (VBI) is the basis for all branding by incorporating common visual elements present in any public or internal creation: websites, email signatures, business cards, PowerPoint presentations, give-aways, or anything else that represents the company. With the development of the VBI, Lone Orange is helping small businesses learn to brand themselves without breaking the bank. Tiffany’s commitment to helping business owners get access to great design doesn’t end with this award. In the coming months, Lone Orange Marketing Design will be introducing DIY seminars and plans for entrepreneurs to take control of their VBI. When it comes to great design, Tiffany Hoeckelman’s motto is always “access for everyone”.

If you’re interested in learning more about VBI for small businesses, you’re invited to hear Tiffany speak at the June meeting of the networking association she runs, Self-Employed St. Louis. For more information, please visit www.loneorange.com/sestl. And to get more design and marketing expertise from Lone Orange, sign up for the newsletter, Adventures in Identity or follow the Wear Your Red Cape to Work blog, both of which can be found at LoneOrange.com. Lone Orange can also be found on social media: Twitter at @LoneOrange,  Facebook at /LoneOrange and Linked In at /tiffanyhoeckelman.



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