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4 Common Complaints from Biz Card Recipients

Last week we talked about making sure your business card is working for you (read the post here).   People gripe to me all the time about what they have seen in the market place. These are the people who are collecting cards all the time, so maybe without even realizing it, they have become experts on what is a good business card, and what is not. So allow me to let you in on these tidbits so you are never on the receiving end of the complaints. White Space – Make sure there is some blank white space somewhere on the card. Often people like to jot a note about meeting you or why they want to follow up


Is Your Business Card Failing You?

I think we can all agree that as a small business, we MUST have business cards to hand out in the whirlwind of a networking events we attend, or during a serendipitous encounter with a prospect in the airport or even for your proud momma to hand out to her friends. What isn’t quite so obvious is how significant a role the tiny, yet mighty, business card actually has in your business. The business card is the most fundamental of communication tools you have for your business.   Imagine if you will, this common situation: you meet someone with whom you agree to exchange business cards with the potential of some future interaction. In the first few seconds after you’ve handed your card

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