Lone Orange helps small businesses achieve a clear, compelling and integrated brand

Union, MO / September 25, 2018 – Small businesses know that branding is important to their success, but many stop with a pretty logo and a fancy website. Lone Orange uses brand integration to take small businesses to the next level. Brand integration syncs an organization’s visual identity, verbal messaging and business operations to create a consistent customer experience.

Big businesses know the power of creating a consistent consumer experience through every interaction with their brand, and they spend millions of dollars to do so. Lone Orange works with small businesses to deliver big business performance without big business budgets or staff.

Since its inception nine years ago, Lone Orange has helped small business owners create a customized brand identity. Brand integration goes to the next level; it’s the process of ensuring every interaction with a brand is consistent and captivating as that’s how businesses earn long-term relationships with ideal clients.

“At least 92 percent of U.S. businesses are microbusinesses—companies with fewer than five employees. And there are 42 million solopreneurs in the U.S.—that’s more than ever before. Most of these owners start their businesses based on their passion and expertise. But once they jump in, they realize there are a lot of other hats they need to wear, and they have no idea how to do so. Branding is one of those things. Understanding who you are as a company, clearly expressing that, and then being able to deliver on your brand promise is crucial for success in the marketplace,” said Tiffany Hoeckelman, Lone Orange founder. “That’s where we come in.”

Lone Orange starts by defining and creating a dynamic visual identity and compelling marketing material. But then they go deeper to develop the foundational systems and tools that weave the company’s unique essence into a seamless, enticing experience that attracts the right clients.

“We dig into things like operations and fulfillment. What does a new lead experience from the get-go? Is the payment process easy and flawless? How does each team member answer the phone? We look at every touchpoint to ensure operations are consistent and align with your defined brand. We develop systems and tools so that things like changes in your staff don’t result in changes in your client’s experience,” added Tiffany.

Lone Orange is inviting organizations to learn more about brand integration by offering a free, 30-minute consultation. To schedule, visit www.loneorange.com, email info@loneorange.com or call 314.282.7462


About Lone Orange: On a mission to embolden small business owners to be successful in their purpose and their business, Tiffany Hoeckelman founded Lone Orange Consulting to provide entrepreneurs with polished and cohesive branding that is fully articulated and integrated throughout all facets of their business. Tiffany took the leap from employee to entrepreneur in 2010 and has enjoyed helping hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Tiffany coaches clients through a self-analysis process to get to the core of their unique strengths. From there, key messages and a visual identity are developed. Then the process goes one step further, integrating the branding into service delivery to create a cohesive, exceptional experience for the business’s customer.

For more information, contact Tiffany Hoeckelman at info@loneorange.com or 314.282.7462 or visit www.loneorange.com.