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I’m excited to help your audience learn the overlooked keys to attracting and keeping their RIGHT clients!

Finding clients – the RIGHT clients – is top of mind for anyone in business for themselves. Overwhelmed by the next “best” marketing tactic, confused why their current efforts aren’t working, and worried they will have to close their doors, I have good news for them. Marketing may not be their problem. 

There are foundational elements that are necessary for the success of any marketing strategy. The problem is that these elements are often overlooked or neglected. The power of a clear identity, intentional client experience, and scalable systems can propel a business to the next level and beyond.

I believe that we all have a unique purpose in this world, and as solopreneurs, that purpose shows up in our brands. My goal as a coach, consultant, and speaker is to help solopreneurs find the brand gold that makes their brand identity shine, communicate it to the right audience, and make sure their client experience aligns with who they say they are. These three foundational elements can often feel elusive to solopreneurs, and I want to give them the confidence and clarity to go make the difference in the world they were meant to make.


Tiffany’s Talk Topics

The 3 Secrets to Living Your Brand

Companies that live their brand on a daily basis impact their world powerfully and serve their most enjoyable and most profitable clients. Learn the often overlooked elements of every business that must be addressed for business success.

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • Identify the foundational things that must be done before marketing can be effective.
  • Understand how Branding and Client Experience are directly related to business success.
  • How to create a marketing strategy that is right for you and right for your clients.
  • How to scale your business with (or without) a team you love.

How to Attract Your RIGHT Clients

Attracting your best clients is a delicate balance between knowing who you are, knowing who you best help, and communicating it so the client knows you can solve their problem. Being clear on this one thing can change the trajectory of your business.

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • Define who a RIGHT Client is for your business
  • Recognize why you can’t market to just anyone.
  • How to find more of the RIGHT Clients for your business.

Creating ‘WOW’ for Your Clients

Your market reputation is defined by the experience your clients have with your business. Ensuring you WOW your audience at every step will boost your business, all while reducing your stress and overwhelm.

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • What you need to know and do before even attracting clients.
  • The importance of your Client’s perspective.
  • How to map out your Client’s experience.
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Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Hoeckelman gets out of bed each morning for one purpose – to help solopreneurs create an amazing business that impacts their world. 

Starting out in 2010 as a virtual assistant and freelance graphic designer, Tiffany witnessed several businesses undermining their success with poor graphic design. She soon recognized that small business owners needed help delving deeper than just their visual identity; they needed to identify and cultivate their purpose. Driven by this mission, Tiffany built the virtual branding agency, Lone Orange, offering brand consulting and coaching. Her secret love for systems and spreadsheets ensures her clients can deliver on their brand promises.

Tiffany lives in Union, MO (Just outside of St. Louis) with her husband and son. She is an active member of Experts for Entrepreneurs (e4e) and the proud recipient of the SBA Home-Based Business Award, 2013.


Previous Appearances

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International Women’s Day Conference
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Union Chamber of Commerce
Jim Armstrong Marketing Systems
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