We start by defining your brand, which consists of three components: your essence, your expression, and your engagement. Once we know that, we systematically thread it through everything you do. This creates an enriched, consistent, powerful experience for everyone who interacts with your company.


First up, we’ll take a deep dive into your vision, goals, and values—what makes your business unique—and how you want to best serve your clients.


Then we will identify what your visual identity and verbal message need communicate and how to do so consistently. There are no cookie-cutter brand designs or websites here; we work with clients to ensure that every element of your brand experience represents the impact you want to make in the world.


Who do you serve best? Your ideal client is the person whom you love to work with and who most values your service. Hint, this isn’t just “anyone.” Let’s define the person who best aligns with your brand essence and who will be willing to pay you what you are worth!


The most important component of our approach is integrating your new brand throughout your client experience. We will help you and your team systematize your client experience to make sure it aligns with your newly defined brand.

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“[Working with Tiffany has] been the catalyst to making some big shifts in our business model, how we’re thinking about how we serve others, our quality of life, etc.

Tiffany has a gift for seeing where our marketing message can be honed, how to make the language convey our true passion and intention, our personal brand. She’s very intuitive, and she gives one a calm, safe space to create and explore their identity as a person AND as a business owner.”

Angie MonkoHarmony Harbor Coaching

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