Which is More Important, Branding or Marketing?

The words branding and marketing are thrown around and used in so many different ways, using so many different meanings. It can be super confusing - are they the same? Are they different? Which do I need? Today we are going to focus on branding and marketing in the context [...]

Your Brand Creates Your PERCEIVED Value

You are working hard, doing everything they tell you to market your business. You’re out networking ALL the time. You hand out your business cards to anyone who will take them. You cold call prospects. You post on Facebook. You connect on LinkedIn. The list could go on and on. [...]

The Path to the Rebrand

Once you choose to change up your brand, there is a pretty clear order in which things need to happen. One thing leads to another and trying to jump to step 10 before you finish step 1 or 2 will only result in frustration, rework, and wasted money. Here’s the [...]

How I Knew it was Time to Rebrand

The number one question I hear from people is “how do I know it’s time to rebrand?“ It is certainly a tricky question. There are several things to consider, so many variables to think about, and it can sometimes be hard to navigate. What is the benefit of rebranding versus [...]

4 Common Complaints from Biz Card Recipients

Last week we talked about making sure your business card is working for you (read the post here). People gripe to me all the time about what they have seen in the marketplace. These are the people who are collecting cards all the time, so maybe without even realizing it, [...]

Is Your Business Card Failing You?

I think we can all agree that as a small business, we MUST have business cards to hand out in the whirlwind of networking events we attend, or during a serendipitous encounter with a prospect in the airport or even for your proud momma to hand out to her friends. What [...]

The Legend of Pete the Lone Orange

Pete was just a typical orange. He spent his days hanging from a branch, soaking up the sunshine that drenched the orange grove he called home. He looked like all the other oranges that grew among the leaves, destined to someday end up as one among many in a produce [...]

3 Tips to Choosing the Right Designer for You

Choosing a graphic designer can feel like a daunting task. After all, you want to make sure you choose someone who can give you quality work at a reasonable rate, right? Below are just a few things to think about when selecting your designer. 1) Do You Like Their Past [...]

What I Learned from Superheroes About VBI

Do you remember watching your favorite superheroes as a kid (or maybe as an adult)? Did you ever wish you could have the superpowers they had? I remember dressing up in my Wonder Woman Underoos, putting on my mom's "magic bracelets" and spinning and spinning in the kitchen trying to [...]

What EVERY Company needs to have good VBI

When people become aware of the enormous impact of Visual Business Identity (VBI) on their bottom line, they anxiously ask where to begin. It's overwhelming to think about all the things that people see that represent your business. So the best way to start is to think from the bottom [...]

It’s OK to ask what your VBI can DO for you!

In the last post, I talked about the importance of dressing your company properly with a well thought out Visual Business Identity (VBI). Now, lets find out what your VBI can DO for your company! The benefit of polished VBI Here's what good VBI CAN do Attract and [...]

Do you have somewhere to go, but not dressed up?

You probably wouldn't dress like this to meet your hero OR a prospect, right?!? Imagine you've been invited to dinner with one of your heroes. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Can't wait, right? The night arrives and you throw on your best sweatpants, you know, the comfy ones with [...]


“Tiffany encouraged me to learn what my Brand really is and to create a comprehensive Brand Communication Strategy that represents me and my company. I also learned strategies for getting the most out of my branding. If you’re willing to dig deep and truly understand the why, what and how of developing your business identity, I highly recommend working with the Lone Orange Team.”

Bobi Beverly, Your Time to Shine Business Development

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