Laser Coaching Session With Tiffany

Greetings and welcome! I understand you are looking to sign up for a complimentary, laser coaching session with me. I’m delighted! I only do 6 of these a year, so we will get you scheduled ASAP.

Here’s how this works and what you can expect. The most important thing is that we uncover some brand gold to help you advance your business!

  1. Start by filling out the form below.
  2. We will choose a topic to focus on – something relevant that you really want to dig in on or really want some advice on. (The options are on the form below.)
  3. I’ll send you a worksheet to complete and send back to me.
  4. We will schedule a Zoom call to record our conversation.
  5. Meet, record and find some brand gold for you!
  6. The video will be posted on social media and you are welcome to share if you like. I should be able to give you the scheduled post date when we meet to record.
I’m looking forward to doing this with you!