The scenario

Liz Burton is no stranger to being an entrepreneur. She had started several successful businesses before a situation in her own life inspired her to launch Concierge Caregiving. She had witnessed how her mother-in-law had become increasingly isolated as age had begun to limit her mobility, and how that isolation had led to depression and loneliness. Liz founded Concierge Caregiving to provide companionship, interaction, and engagement to aging loved ones who don’t quite need in-home healthcare or assisted living, because keeping them connected to the world beyond their walls keeps them healthy and happy.

The challenge

Liz reached out to Tiffany Hoeckelman and Lone Orange because branding was her number one concern. She was confident that Lone Orange could deliver a beautiful website that incorporated the latest functionality, but she was looking for more. She was looking for a way to clearly convey what Concierge Caregiving offered and what made it special, and to have that unique essence infuse every aspect of her interaction with customers. That led her to the Lone Orange T.R.U.E. Identity Process. And that process of disciplined self-discovery has made all the difference.

The results

The Lone Orange T.R.U.E. (Trusted. Real and authentic. Unique. Exceptional.) Process stepped Liz through a program of guided introspection designed to help her take her business vision and turn it into an enduring brand. The process looks at both passions and pragmatics to make business goals a reality.

Now Liz has gone from zero clients to working a more-than-full-time schedule, and she is considering hiring additional team members. Because of the work she did with Lone Orange, she was ready to work as soon as she started getting client interest. She had already thought through all components of the business and prepared her processes, which greatly reduced her start-up stress. Having materials preplanned allows her to respond quickly and intelligently to people.

The recommendation

“Tiffany said you can sell business if it’s authentic to you, and the Lone Orange process helps you really understand and articulate that. The best feedback came from a peer who said ‘I read your entire website and you really know how to stay in your lane. You know what you’re good at, who you are and who you serve.’

I can think of 100 reasons to recommend Lone Orange. Tiffany has the skills to handle any type of client business, and she’s relevant and aware of the latest and greatest business technology. I’m positioned to get work done, and Tiffany drove the process. She’s always positive, upbeat and a good coach. She’s a balcony person as opposed to a basement person.”

Liz Burton, Concierge Caregiving

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