Pete was just a typical orange. He spent his days hanging from a branch, soaking up the sunshine that drenched the orange grove he called home. He looked like all the other oranges that grew among the leaves, destined to someday end up as one among many in a produce aisle or lumped together with others in a juice squeezer. He didn’t realize for him, it could be different…

One day Pete was picked from his tree and tossed into a crate filled with other oranges, all identical to him…all except one. In the corner of the crate sat one lone orange, his skin wrinkled and bumpy, and wearing a blue mask. Intrigued, Pete rolled over to this mysterious fellow.

“Your destiny has led you to me,” the old sage orange whispered.

Pete was confused, but he wanted to hear more.

The old orange continued: “The world is full of ordinary oranges. But you, young Pete, are special. You do not have to accept a life of mediocrity, of sacrificing your pulp for little in return. But in order to achieve excellence, you must learn to stand apart, to embrace the identity that makes you superior to every other orange.”

Pete felt inspired by the old sage orange’s call to greatness. “But how, wise one? How do I become an orange of distinction?”

“You must become The Lone Orange,” the elder orange said. “The Lone Orange is a long, proud tradition that has been passed from orange to orange with the singular mission of helping entrepreneurs discover their distinctive brand and attract clients they love, while still making the profits they deserve.” He continued, “To do so, you must discover your own true identity.” With that, the old orange handed over his blue mask to Pete. “You will need this to channel the true identity deep inside you. It will provide you with a new view of the world. This mask has served me well for many years, and now it is time to pass it on to the new chosen one. Use it wisely, Pete.”

Pete placed the blue mask around his peel, and immediately the world looked different. In an instant, he knew he now had the power to help entrepreneurs around the world find pride and power in their distinctive brand!

The old sage orange smiled. “Pete, you are now The Lone Orange. Roll with your destiny.”

Pete looked up to thank his sage only to find that he was gone. But his wisdom remained.

Pete the Lone Orange stood atop the crate, gazed at the same sun that once shone down on his ordinary life, and saw a future full of possibility. He swelled with the newly bestowed mission of saving entrepreneurs from the tribulations of bland and boring brands and to help them discover their TRUE Identity!