Choosing a graphic designer can feel like a daunting task. After all, you want to make sure you choose someone who can give you quality work at a reasonable rate, right? Below are just a few things to think about when selecting your designer.

1) Do You Like Their Past Work?

It might be tempting to hire the first (or the cheapest) graphic designer who comes along just to get moving on your project. Though graphic design has a functional purpose for marketing and branding a business, it is still an art form and will vary stylistically from designer to designer. Before selecting the designer you want to hire, be sure to view samples of their previous work. If you like what they’ve done for others, you’ll likely be please with what they do for you.

2) Personality Click

Working with a graphic designer can be a rather intimate process. You are asking them to communicate visually about something that you are passionate and protective about, your business. When you search for a designer, be sure they are a person you get along with. Do you enjoy talking to them? Do your personality characteristics, values and styles compliment each other? If so, you are more likely to enjoy working with them as you get through the challenge of brainstorming and production processes.

3) Not Always a One-Stop Shop

A designer is not always a copywriter, web designer, social media guru or marketing expert. Even within the graphic design field you may find varying levels of skill and expertise (illustration, desktop publishing, etc.) Occasionally you’ll find a designer who is talented in one or more areas but be sure you are getting the skill level that you need in all areas. Hire the best people for the best quality work. Often your graphic designer can make referrals to make for other professionals who specialize in services you need.

Still Hunting?

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Internet searches will produce hundreds of options, but may be overwhelming to sort through. Ask colleagues you trust for strong referrals to designers they may know. Ultimately, make sure you follow the 3 tips above to select the right designer for you.