Thumbs down for these business card trendsLast week we talked about making sure your business card is working for you (read the post here).

People gripe to me all the time about what they have seen in the marketplace. These are the people who are collecting cards all the time, so maybe without even realizing it, they have become experts on what is a good business card, and what is not. So allow me to let you in on these tidbits so you are never on the receiving end of the complaints.

  1. White Space – Make sure there is some blank white space somewhere on the card. Often people like to jot a note about meeting you or why they want to follow up with you and if your card is all a dark color, they can’t do that.
  2. Too Slick to Write – The other problem that keeps people from writing on your card is the finish is so glossy, a pen won’t write on it. Now, I like a nice gloss finish as much as the next person for a polished look, but consider putting the gloss only on one side or maybe a spot gloss to allow some gloss-less white area for notes.
  3. Heed the Digital Eye – The last thing to consider is that many people are using digital scanners to help manage their mounding business card pile. The problem is that digital scanners can’t read intricate fonts, or two sides. So to be less annoying to the efficient and techie contact, be sure all the most critical information (name, company, title, phone, and email) are printed in a clear font on one side. If you want to include your website or company name is a fun design, repeat it on the backside, but make sure the scanner eye can read and record your information without flaw.
  4. Toy Easter Chick — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

    Cheap, Cheap – You may think you are pulling the thrifty wool over our eyes, but it is pretty obvious when you’ve cut corners by printing them with inexpensive materials (paper and/or ink) or not having well-designed cards. GOOD quality business cards are relatively economical to design and produce plus, it sends a resounding message about you and your business. Don’t let your first impression be “I’m Cheap!”


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