Do you remember watching your favorite superheroes as a kid (or maybe as an adult)? Did you ever wish you could have the superpowers they had? I remember dressing up in my Wonder Woman Underoos, putting on my mom’s “magic bracelets” and spinning and spinning in the kitchen trying to emulate the Amazonian super-heroine until I’d get so dizzy, that I’d end up on the floor. Then in the early ’80s, I was enamored by the goofy but endearing Ralph Hinkley, who unwittingly became the “Greatest American Hero” (cue theme song… “Believe it or not, I’m walking on air…”) The mission to save the world was imposed upon Ralph, along with a suit that endowed him with superhuman powers.
But what do superheroes have to do with your company’s Visual Business Identity? Try to think of Superman without the “S” and the cape. What’s left? Just average Joe, Clark Kent. Sans the red and blue spandex suit, Peter Parker would just blend into the crowd. Bruce Wayne might be a handsome millionaire, but once he dons his bat suit, he is transformed into a stellar crime-fighter.
While it may not be the source of the superpowers, a superhero’s costume defines their identity. Their mask, their cape, or their suit makes the superhero identifiable to the general public. There may be oodles of businesses out there that do what you do, so what makes YOU stand out? How can people recognize YOUR brand? How can you communicate YOUR significance to prospects and clients? The answer… YOUR Visual Business Identity.
Just like a superhero, your VBI distinguishes you from the masses. It characterizes your superpowers. A good, well-thought out identity tells the world you’re here to help; you’re going to bring something special into the world and improve their lives. Short of describing your company using words, your Visual Business Identity will convey an abundance of information about your company. By comparison, a lackluster identity won’t make an impression at all, and you’ll merely fade into ho-hum obscurity along with Peter and Clark.
It’s time to put on your big boy or big girl Underoos, craft your VBI superpower, and begin your journey to superhero status.

Is your business identity disguised from prospects and clients?