You are working hard, doing everything they tell you to market your business. You’re out networking ALL the time. You hand out your business cards to anyone who will take them. You cold call prospects. You post on Facebook. You connect on LinkedIn. The list could go on and on. But, you’re still not getting the traction you want. And it’s exhausting!

There could be several reasons for your struggle. But one thing to seriously consider is that your perceived value doesn’t match the awesomeness and excellence that you provide.

Let’s look at how your brand may be working against your business growth.

What are you communicating?

Your visual identity (logo, website, print material, social media, etc.), as well as your verbal message (language on your website, marketing material, social media, etc.) all communicate SOMETHING. So, what is the something you are communicating? Is your message clear and consistent? Or is it vague and confusing?

Ever heard the saying “A confused mind doesn’t act?” Well, no prospects will knock on your door if they are confused about what you do. Your brand communicates to prospects why they should hire you. If they don’t understand these things quickly and easily, they will go elsewhere.

Do you exude confidence or confusion?

When you aren’t even clear about what your company stands for and what value you bring, how can you expect anyone else to comprehend that? Do you pretend you can help anyone and everyone? Are you wishy-washy about the results your clients experience? Do you ramble and talk in circles when you get the question “what do you do?” If you see blank stares while you are talking, you are probably confusing or boring the innocent networker who asked the question.

Do you inspire quality and trust? Or just the opposite?

If you are handing out poorly produced business cards or have a lackluster website, you are undermining your success. Your business’s appearance makes a first impression that communicates a lot about what people can expect from you. If your material isn’t professional and high quality, why would a prospect assume that you would take care of them any better?

Side note: keep in mind that your own personal presentation is part of your brand communication. Pay attention to your appearance and communication and how you may be perceived.

High ticket or bargain basement?

And here’s a kicker… Your brand actually tells prospects what they should expect to pay. Your brand needs to communicate your value and match what you deserve to get paid. Have you ever gone to a website looking for a product you really want only to find an old, outdated, confusing website? Did you stay long on the site? Probably not. They lost a customer and you found someone else who’s online presentation instilled quality, trust, and confidence. (good segway! 🙂 )

What’s a boring brand to do?

The solution to a confused, insecure, and inconsistent message, is to get super clear about your brand identity. Who are you as a company? What makes you special? Who can you best help? What challenges do you best solve? With that in hand, you’ll stand out from competitors and powerfully attract your most enjoyable and profitable clients!

And the secret to really kick it up a notch? Brand integration! Take your brand identity and integrate it throughout every touchpoint in your operations and client delivery. But more on that later. 🙂

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