The words branding and marketing are thrown around and used in so many different ways, using so many different meanings. It can be super confusing – are they the same? Are they different? Which do I need? Today we are going to focus on branding and marketing in the context of coaches and consultants.

I see business owners all the time falling into the trap of the “next new thing.” Or what someone told them they “should” do. Marketing can be viewed as the silver bullet to getting new clients. But marketing without a clear brand becomes buckshot and yields nothing. Marketing seems to be the default when a solopreneur feel anxious about doing something to drum up business now. And in part, that is true. marketing IS the act of attracting people who would like to buy from you. We all want more of that!

The mistake comes when business owners don’t have a thought-out brand and strategy. A brand, in short, is who you are.

It is defining and understanding the essence of your business.

The soul of your business.

The secret sauce that makes your business special and different and unique.

Clarifying your brand — really digging deep for brand gold — defines you and how to effectively communicate that. When you are clear about who you are, the correct marketing tactics become relatively obvious.

The only marketing strategy you “should” do is what is right for your business and your clients. If a marketing tactic doesn’t fit those two things it’s not worth your time or money investment.

Branding and marketing are both critical for your business. You can’t have one without the other. Branding is your pre-marketing. You can’t attract great clients without marketing, but you also can’t effectively market if you haven’t done the branding work to prepare a clear, compelling, integrated brand to communicate in your marketing.

My greatest joy is helping soloprenuers dig deep to find that brand gold and then watch their businesses soar. If you’re interested in exploring if Lone Orange can help you do that, schedule a complimentary, zero-obligation, 30 minute chat with me and we will find out together. Talk soon!