The number one question I hear from people is “how do I know it’s time to rebrand?“ It is certainly a tricky question. There are several things to consider, so many variables to think about, and it can sometimes be hard to navigate. What is the benefit of rebranding versus the ROI you’ll get from that investment? And I’m not just talking money investment–I’m talking about time, introspective work, talking with your team, talking with your clients, making decisions who you are and how you want to show up in the marketplace and who you best serve. That’s a HUGE investment of resources.

I’ve recently wrestled with the big “to rebrand or not to rebrand” question for my own company. So I thought I’d answer that question by taking you through the process I followed.

Here were the biggest considerations I had in deciding to rebrand:
My service offerings changed. I was no longer promoting the same services and packages. I still do them, but they aren’t the focus of my business anymore.

The image I wanted to portray had changed. Over the last five years, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve grown a lot, I’ve studied a lot. And what I offer my clients now is so much different than what I offered even just two years ago. I’m on a constant mission to learn for the benefit of my clients. So my communication–both visual and verbal–needed to change.

Brand refresh or brand overhaul? Was it time for a new name, new logo, new everything? Or just a little nip and tuck? For me, it was a little of both. The company name and logo had some positive recognition so I kept that, but the look and feel needed to look fresher and more sophisticated. The website was old and needed a current look. Plus, the message and content on the website was WAY out of date, so that needed a complete overhaul.

Was I ready to make the investment? It’s easy to think that rebranding should be quick and easy. But it is not a cheap nor an easy process. There is a lot of introspection, planning, deciding, strategizing, coordinating details, not to mention the cash outlay. There are so many details that can sneak up if you’ve not thought it through carefully. There is the obvious investment for a new logo and website. But I also had to remember ALL the other things that would need to be updated to coordinate with the new look and feel. Things like business cards, nametag, notecards, social media graphics, email signature, letterhead, business forms, marketing material (there may be more for you). And printing costs, don’t forget those!

My PSA: Please, please, don’t get roped into spending more than makes sense for your business now. There are different sized solutions for everything. Yes, you want quality, but look for quality for your sized need, not for the size your company will be 5-10 years down the road!

There is so much that goes to branding any company well. So if you have a brand already, how do you know when it’s time for a brand re-do or a brand refresh?

Questions to ask if you think it’s time to rebrand
  • Does my current brand communicate what I want it to?
  • Does my visual identity reflect my value and expertise?
  • Are my services the same? Or have they changed?
  • If you encountered your own brand, would you be inspired with trust and confidence? (Or is your marketing material undermining the great work you do?)
  • Have you gotten any negative reviews that make you wonder how their experience was so different than what you thought you were providing?
  • What time and financial resources do I have to invest?
  • What trusted advisors can I call on for help?
  • Be real with yourself – are you clear and confident about who you are and where you are going?

Not sure of the answers to these questions? Schedule a 30-minute call with me and let’s talk about it. Perhaps the 90-minute Brand Blitz would help you get clarity about what you should or should not worry about updating. Let’s chat!

How I Knew It Was Time to Rebrand