In the last post, I talked about the importance of dressing your company properly with a well thought out Visual Business Identity (VBI). Now, lets find out what your VBI can DO for your company!

The benefit of polished VBI

The benefit of polished VBI

Here’s what good VBI CAN do

  • Attract and Connect with the right people -You’ll find you attract quality customers, people who appreciate what you communicate through your VBI and are drawn to that message. We all generally prefer to work with people like us, if your VBI truly reflects your company, prospects like you will come knocking on your door.
  • Set expectations of what it may be like to work with you – If your VBI communicates quality, professionalism, and attention to detail, that’s what they’ll expect from working with you!
  • Indicate something about you or your company’s personality and values – VBI can actually be a lot of fun to define because it can truly reflect your company’s culture. Are you a fun-loving staff? Are you focused and hard working? Your VBI can communicate that to a prospect faster than any other method.
  • Suggest the value they can expect from working with you – A high-end polished looking VBI will train people to expect to pay for high-end, quality service or products. I promise!

Here’s what POOR VBI WILL do

  • How your VBI can hurt your business

    How your VBI can hurt your business

    Cause prospects to wonder about the quality of your work – If the quality of your VBI is questionable, why would a prospect think that the quality of your work would be any better?

  • Reveal a lack of attention to detail – If you don’t seem to care about the little things and about how you look in the marketplace, why would a prospect expect that would care for them any differently?
  • Express the opposite of your values and personality – When your logo or sales material don’t match your companies values, quality, and worth, you’ll never even get to talk to a prospect because they will have a very different impression of your company.
  • Suggest the value they can expect from working with you  –Just like above, showing the world a side of your company that is sloppy and unattractive through poor VBI will quickly communicate to the world that they can expect the same from working with you.

You can clearly see that your VBI can is a pretty powerful part of your business. It certainly warrants some serious attention to make sure that what your VBI is communicating while you’re not in the room is the same thing you’d be saying in person.

In case you were wondering, while VBI is powerful, it CANNOT close the sale, keep your books, bring you coffee or pick up your dry cleaning. Sorry!—-

Coming Next Time…
What does your VBI say about you when you’re not in the room?